Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

  1. What is Benemica and what is the key differentiation with your competitor?
Answer : Benemica is cloud based human management system, assist organizations to manage, engage, develop, grow organization’s employees as well as increase agility on overall payroll processes. Our key differentiation is we have experience team with “Can attitude” and we never say we do not know. In more specific for tax calculation result, we always can explain where the numbers come from.

  1. Is my employee data and salary information secure?
Answer : Yes, your data is secure.
  • Infrastructure, we use best and most-experienced cloud provider in the world.

  • Technology, we use non-open source and proven technology.

  • Security, Benemica has pass internal and 3rd party security test, and we do it periodically. For more information, please refer to our data privacy policy.

    1. For payroll module, is it cover calculation for salary, BPJS, tax and deduction?
    Answer : Yes, Benemica payroll module cover calculation for fix and variable salary, BPJS healthcare, BPJS manpower, tax calculation from blue collars to expatriate, and it has deduction management to handle your deduction needs (e.g. loan).
    Benemica consistently bring new features and keep innovate to assist our clients’ needs, and these new features can be used at no additional cost*.

    (* for the same subscription package

    1. Is there any minimum employee so can subscribe this service?
    Answer : No minimum employee to use Benemica. In some case, we might apply minimum subscription fee.

    1. How to use Benemica for FREE?
    Answer : If your company is a startup or non-profit organization, then you may to apply the FREE Use program, which has the chance to use Benemica for free for 1 year. Our team will evaluate carefully and will contact you further. Management decisions are absolute and cannot be contested.

    1. How long typical implementation timeline?
    Answer : Typically, Benemica can be rollout to your organization in 2 weeks. It might faster when you join in January (beginning of year) or require longer time when you join in the middle of year or involved more than one party or geographically disperse within your organization (e.g. HR, Finance, and Accounting).
    Most of your data can be migrated using our migration tool, and We have proven migration strategy and plan to ensure smooth transition.

    1. How are the steps if I want to subscribe ?
    Answer : In the pricing information, click request a quote. Our sales team will send you a formal quote as soon as possible for your approval. Normally we will send formal quotation in one business day, in some cases we might more time. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team if you have further question.